Benefits of Hiring a Construction Project Management Company

A construction project is a mammoth undertaking which goes through several phases before completion. Each phase needs to be completed with care and precision before it can move on to the next. With construction projects being notorious for running past their deadlines and going over budget, one of the best things you can do for yours is to make sure that it is managed professionally every step of the way. Hiring an experienced construction project management company can help avoid a lot of the pitfalls that construction projects are subject to. Read on to learn what a construction project management company can do for you.

Expert Representation

A construction project manager represents the owner on site and provides objective management and technical expertise to ensure that their vision is brought to life. They work with you right from the beginning to establish quality standards right down to craftsmanship details and the materials that will be used along with developing comprehensive timelines so that there are no nasty shocks or expensive additions along the way. To put it simply, a construction project manager uses their expertise to coordinate every minute detail of a construction project while representing your best interests.

Project Costs Are Managed

While hiring a construction project manager can seem counterintuitive in terms of costs, they actually help lower the overall budget while still maintaining high-quality standards and timelines. It is good practice to have a construction project management company on board right from the beginning since most cost-saving opportunities can be found during the early planning and pre-construction phases. They help develop realistic budgets by providing cost-estimating services, overseeing competitive bidding processes, and developing strategies to ensure the project sticks to timelines.

An experienced construction management company also has long-established relationships with various contractors and tradespeople and can help you negotiate the best contracts for your job.


A construction project manager is involved in the development of a construction schedule. They involve various stakeholders to develop a realistic timeline for the entire project as well as include the delivery of resources and tasks in a sequential manner. They also help prioritize work to ensure work remains on schedule. Having a construction schedule in place helps both the owner and the various other stakeholders involved in the project manage expectations. 

Provide a Single Point of Communication

The many moving cogs that make up a construction project need to be kept in the loop about how work is progressing. A construction project manager provides a single point of contact for all the designers, general contractors, and tradespeople to address their concerns, resolve disputes, and make sure necessary information is communicated to the project owner as well as disseminating information to various project participants as necessary. They can also act as a liaison between different parties if there are any scheduling conflicts. For example, if a general contractor in one part of the building is running over their scheduled time and an electrician needs to wait for them to finish before beginning work, then your construction project manager may be able to reassign the electrical work schedule to another part of the building project to ensure that the smooth flow of work continues. 

Risk Management

The construction project manager plays a huge role in risk management. They use their expertise along with current market conditions to predict, analyze, and mitigate any potential risks to the project. They develop contingency plans should the worst occur. 

Constant Improvement

Construction project managers are constantly looking for ways to improve the workflow, advancement, and quality standards of any project they work on. They seize opportunities to do this as a construction project progresses to help reduce change orders, and may also reduce the time to complete the project without any compromise on quality.

A Construction Project Management Company Gives You a Team

Depending on the size of a construction project, you may need to separate the roles of project manager and construction project manager with a distinct hierarchy in terms of decision-making and workflow controls. Hiring a construction project management firm can give you the management team you need to execute your vision accurately. 

PRD Construction Gives You the Construction Project Management Expertise You Need

At PRD Construction, we understand the importance of executing your project with finesse. No matter how large or small your project, our team can help you:

  • Control document distribution and revision.
  • Manage formal project correspondence between teams.
  • Ensure a single point of reference and accountability.

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